Paint Mixing Environment Requires Explosion Proof Scales

Paint Mixing Environment Requires Explosion Proof ScalesWhen working in an industrial atmosphere, it is important to take precautions to ensure the safety of yourself and those around you. Using chemicals can be difficult and dangerous when the wrong equipment is used. When you require a scale to be operated in an environment that is hazardous, you want to use a scale that is safe to use and still effective.

Explosion-proof products offer the ability to contain internal flames or explosions. Even better, something that is rated as Intrinsically Safe is designed so that it cannot cause a spark or flame in any possible situation. This greatly helps in an environment where many chemicals, particularly flammable chemicals, are used, such as paint and other oil-based liquids. Explosion proof machines and devices must meet very specific guidelines before being called explosion proof. These devices must be rated by the National Electrical Code. As noted, these products may be called “intrinsically safe”, which means that their power supply is less than that needed to set off an explosion in a given area with hazardous materials. Being able to offset and contain energy in these devices greatly reduce the risk of explosion or fire and will create a safer environment for workers.

When working with mixing paints, your best tool is an explosion proof scale. An explosion proof scale should be one of the best tools to use to ensure your safety around chemicals. When you’re working with hazardous liquids or gases, you want equipment that will not react to those substances and cause a reaction that will put your health or your life in danger. Explosion proof scales offer options such as power supplies that can be used in hazardous areas, and displays that are easy to view and still effective in a paint mixing environment.

Other qualities to look for in an explosion proof scale are accuracy and ease of installation. When mixing paints, accuracy in the scale you use is extremely important in getting the end result you are looking for. An explosion proof scale should be intrinsically safe to eliminate the need of containment housing for the scale. A rugged construction with features such as easy calibration and stainless steel platforms can make these scales incredibly durable and long lasting, as well as easy to use. Explosion proof scales should be safe and efficient to be effective in a hazardous environment. Backlit displays can help those who work in low light to ensure accuracy and ability to read the scale, which can help keep errors low.

Other easy to use features you can find on many explosion proof scales include applications that make the mixing process easy and incredibly efficient. The housing included with a scale can mean protection against spills, as well.  Some explosion proof scales have the ability to connect to your computer, making procedures easier to conduct and to program.

Overall, using an explosion proof scale can be vital to the health of your workplace. Those who work with hazardous chemicals know how dangerous the risks of explosion or fire can be, so using an explosion proof scale for mixing paint can be the best investment in health and safety for your workplace.

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Weigh Drums of Flammable Products with Explosion Proof Platform Scales

Weigh Drums of Flammable Products with Explosion Proof Platform ScalesWhen you are dealing with hazardous or flammable products, it is always best to keep your safety in mind. An important thing to consider when purchasing equipment to use with flammable products is finding a machine that is explosion proof. Explosion proof means that the machine or device will contain an explosion or spark if it is created, helping avert a dangerous chemical fire if a spark is inadvertently produced.

To avoid the risk of fires in a hazardous chemical atmosphere, the best precaution is to use explosion proof platform scales to weigh drums of flammable substances. The risk of fire around flammable substances should be taken very seriously. Using equipment that is not made to handle flammable substances can result in a fire or explosions that can damage property and cause injuries. Products that are labeled explosion proof follow the National Electrical Code definition of an explosion proof apparatus.

An explosion proof platform scale should be able to contain an explosion that occurs within the apparatus. Sparks and flames must not be able to escape, so it will protect others from ignition of flammable substances around the scale. You need a durable, well-made and strong explosion proof platform scale to use when weighing large containers or drums of flammable products.

Even better than a scale that is rated as explosion proof is a scale that is rated as Intrinsically Safe. This means that even in a failure mode, it is incapable of providing enough energy to generate a spark. In this case, it is not even necessary for the scale to contain any spark that may occur with the unit, because it is impossible to generate that spark in the first place.

Using an explosion proof platform scale is one of the best investments you can make when you work around flammable and hazardous substances. Keeping safety in mind is important to your health, and using the proper equipment for the job you are doing is the best way to stay healthy and reduce accidents, injuries, and even death in the workplace. When your job requires weighing flammable substances, your best option is a platform scale that is intrinsically safe and is therefore considered to be an explosion proof scale.

Another important thing to consider is keeping your workplace up to code, and to set up the best safety standards possible. Using equipment such as an explosion proof scale will keep your work area safe and reduce the possibility of a catastrophic fire. When using these products, you’re not only protecting people, but also your business. Working in an environment that is susceptible to fire makes using safer equipment extremely important, and you could potentially suffer consequences if the equipment you use is not safe for the work environment that it is used in. Making sure the scales you use are explosion proof can prevent injuries and damage.

An intrinsically safe scale such as an explosion proof platform scale is one that will create a safer workplace. Not only can you use a scale that is more accurate and easy to use, but using an explosion proof scale will offer you the peace of mind that your workplace is safe. Weighing flammable products with an explosion proof scale will protect you from fires and explosions that may occur due to the nature of the chemicals used. Being cautious and using instruments that will protect you from unexpected fires or explosions is the best way to protect your workplace.

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Safely Weigh Munitions with Hazardous Environment Scales

Safely Weigh Munitions with Hazardous Environment ScalesWorking with munitions can be a hazardous job. You must keep in mind the damage that munitions can cause if handled incorrectly while still being able to track any incoming and outgoing shipments. When working with weighing munitions, you must find the right tools for the job. Using a hazardous environment scale to weigh your munitions is the best way to stay safe while handling dangerous products.

When dealing with munitions, one of the best ways to keep track of inventory is to weigh the munitions and trace and track them using the weight. This has become a popular way to keep inventory, but can be dangerous if you use an ordinary scale. A hazardous environment scale is made specifically to help protect you and your products from harm. Using one of these scales will be the best way to stay safe while handling munitions.

Hazardous environment scales are scales that have been built with taking precautions against spark, flame, or ignition of anything present in their environment. This can be particularly important when working with ignitable substances. Hazardous environment scales tend to use low energy digital outputs that both protect against accidental spark and are accurate in measurement. These scales are also built tough and rugged, able to withstand heavy use without causing accidental fires or explosions. Keeping your facility safe and free of tools that could cause additional injury or harm to your facility and employees is important for a safe work environment.

Using a high quality hazardous environmental scale should result in accurate readings and should include extra features that help the weighing process go smoothly. These features, such as durability, strength, and ease of use will make weighing hazardous products easy and safe.  Be sure to use a scale that will not be damaged by loads being dropped onto the scale platform, as this is a common way scales are damaged. The platform should resist erosion or corrosion from hazardous fumes and chemicals, and these may be present in the environment in which they are used.

When weighing munitions, the best equipment you can use is a hazardous environment scale that will be safe, accurate and reliable. Many new hazardous environment scales offer the latest in technology, using as little power as possible to prevent the possibility of fire and explosion, yet having accurate displays and designs that make it easy to use.  Clients who use these scales should find them safe and reliable. Dealing with munitions can be a dangerous job, and using the right equipment will make that job easier to carry out. The best way to keep track of munitions while keeping people safe is to use a scale built to be used in hazardous environments.

Using a scale built for weighing munitions safely is the best way you can keep your facility safe and free from possible hazards. Weighing munitions is also a great way to keep inventory easily and safely. Choose a hazardous environment scale that will fit your needs and allow you to weigh hazardous materials and munitions with safety and accuracy.

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Tanks of Fuels are Accurately Weighed with Intrinsically Safe Floor Scales

Tanks of Fuels are Accurately Weighed with Intrinsically Safe Floor ScalesIf you are using flammable or hazardous chemicals in your workplace, you will need to keep safety in mind when purchasing equipment. This is particularly true if you are using large tanks of fuels that need to be weighed regularly. The best tool to use when working with these types of substances is an intrinsically safe floor scale.

Intrinsically safe scales and equipment are tools that cannot cause a spark or thermal energy to ignite hazardous substances or in a hazardous atmosphere. These tools sometimes have the ability to contain an explosion should there be one, protecting people and property from potentially being harmed in a spontaneous fire. By limiting the amount of power available in these tools, it can help keep people safe from the possible ignition of these hazardous substances.

When using tools in the workplace that are required to handle such substances as tanks of fuel, it is in your best interest to use tools that will help protect the people and property around the flammable substance. A tiny spark could possibly set off these hazardous substances, so be sure to use an intrinsically safe floor scale when measuring and weighing tanks of fuels. Scales that are not intrinsically safe are not built to reduce the risk of spark or flame that could ignite the fuel. Hazardous gases from fuels could be ignited from scales and other electrical equipment that do not have the safety guidelines that intrinsically safe floor scales have.

Not only are intrinsically safe floor scales effective against ignition of hazardous substances, it can also provide cost savings in the work environment as well as keeping the environment up to date with the best in safety standards. Intrinsically safe floor scales are built to handle the worst case scenario, which can help protect your people from the risk of fire or injury. These floor scales are built to be accurate, safe, durable and long lasting. Using a scale that is both accurate and safe will greatly improve the worksite and keep employees safe.

Limiting voltage and enclosing explosions are just two ways intrinsically safe scales can improve the safety of your workplace. Intrinsically safe scales are designed to keep electrical or thermal energy from being large enough to ignite the hazardous or flammable substances you may be working with. Using this equipment that is specially designed to prevent fires caused by hazardous substances will be a great benefit. Intrinsically safe scales are the only scales that have been made to take into account that ignitable substances may be in the atmosphere at all times and prevents the scale from causing an explosion or fire that could damage people and property.

Reducing the hazards that could cause catastrophic injuries and damage in the workplace is one of the best reasons to use an intrinsically safe scale to accurately weigh tanks of fuels. Preventing hazards around dangerous and flammable materials is one of the best ways to keep you and your employees safe.

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Accurate Explosion Proof Bench Scales

Accurate Explosion Proof Bench ScalesManufacturers often rely on scales for many of their processes. Industrial scales allow manufacturers to weigh everything from fully loaded pallets to much smaller loads. For loads ranging from 10 to 150 pounds, many manufacturers rely on bench scales. Accurate bench scales will allow users to weigh industrial items to the hundredth or even one thousandth of a pound in some cases. These smaller models seem like a great addition to any industrial process, but what about if your process includes flammable fumes?

Many of the bench scales that are on the market are designed in ways that makes them unsuitable for use with paint or other flammable materials. However, it is possible to find an accurate bench scale that can be used during processes that include flammable materials.

Explosion proof scales will allow you to protect your employees while still retaining a high degree of accuracy in your measurements. They work by preventing the unit from generating enough energy to spark. Any environment in which flammable fumes are present necessitates the use of one of these special bench scales. Any scale that is called explosion proof will be rated as such by Factory Mutual. They rely on a set of guidelines set forth in the National Electrical Code. Explosion proof bench scales are ‘intrinsically safe.’ In other words, they cannot cause a fire, even if used around flammable materials, as long as they are properly installed and maintained.

While any explosion proof scale you are considering purchasing will be rated, there are several key features to look for when purchasing one. First, an accurate bench scale that is to be used near any flammable materials should utilize power sources that are specially designed. These power sources will offer special protection against sparks. Second, an explosion proof bench scale should be composed of a material that will not react with the materials you are processing; the most popular choice is stainless steel. Overall, the entire unit should be durable and able to withstand any corrosive or other potentially dangerous materials. Third, the unit should include calibration capability to ensure accuracy. These items will ensure the unit is safe to use around flammable materials.

In addition to checking the explosion proof rating of any bench scale, you will want to work closely with a reputable supplier to ensure that the scale you choose is not only explosion proof, it is accurate.

Some explosion proof bench scales offer additional features that make them even more attractive. For example, large graphics displays are available for those process that take place under low light. For the ease of the user, many offer the option to connect directly to a computer, allowing for simple programming and easier use. Finally, some models are hooded to prevent spillage of potentially harmful materials.

An accurate bench scale that is also explosion proof is an important tool for any manufacturing process that includes flammable materials or fumes. Protect the health and safety of your employees by purchasing and maintaining one when your manufacturing process warrants it.

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